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The Apprenticeship Levy is Working for Those Who ‘Embrace’ the Development Opportunity

Whether or not you have started planning to tackle the levy, or your organisation has delayed its plans hoping that changes will be introduced, what is clear is that the bureaucratic “red tape” surrounding the levy can leave decision makers feeling as though it simply isn’t worth the hassle.

The Functional Skills and 20% Off-The-Job Learning requirements are still being debated amongst employers and training providers alike; further delaying apprenticeship starts and making the new system appear a lot more flawed than it is in actual practice.

Yet if we do not make attempts to adapt, the future of many organisations, and indeed the UK economy, will remain in jeopardy. We all need well-trained, confident and empathetic leaders – not 'accidental', 'reluctant' and 'untrained' managers.

"Think longer-term with substantial new learning; embedded for success"

We believe it is essential to be agile in our approach, and to understand that the Apprenticeship Levy is calling for us to revamp the way we think about work - and learning to work better.

Whether you feel that it’s because you believe you don’t have the resources in place to deal with the Levy, or if Levy funds are minimal, there is still great reason to utilise the levy – and this is where we can help!

With a fully geared service by SML and a 90% discount for any levy overspend, there has never been a better time to invest in leadership capability for the future of your organisation.

Developed by leading employers themselves, the new apprenticeships encourage long-term, holistic learning that is specifically directed toward the workplace. These programmes ‘practically’ embed new knowledge, skills and behaviours, benefiting managers to work smarter, improve their performance and influence others' productivity across the board.

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Making the Levy Work for Our Clients

Research has shown that 4 out of 5 managers - a phenomenal total of 2.4 million managers -

are lacking the necessary training in order to better manage themselves and their teams. Moreover, 68% of UK managers categorise themselves as so-called, ‘accidental managers’, which has been cited as the main cause of low productivity across the UK.

For those of us who believe that 'Developing People Matter' in our organisation, the first questions we normally ask are:

  • “What is the skills-gap to achieve our organisational objectives?”

  • “Who would benefit from these skills?”

  • “Can we afford to invest in our people?” (Can we afford not to?)

  • “Is utilising the levy an option for us? (and attract a 90% discount for any overspend of the levy)

Of course, being an 'apprentice' from 2017 has taken on a completely new meaning. Apprenticeships now offer almost unlimited opportunity for any personnel (no matter what age) to develop their skills and ride the wave of change taking place in the UK business/economy.

Any employee, with full organisational support and the ambition to ‘career invest’ through personal development whilst gaining formal recognition of their skills, can achieve new standards of excellence and improved performance.

SML Training Provider Responsibility in the Set Up

Whatever your view of the Levy, we make it as simple as possible for you to take advantage of its good intentions in the Leadership and Recruitment arenas.

Training providers are required to support organisations through the set-up process;

  • To ensure that everything is in place to meet the ESFA funding requirements

  • To highlight exactly how the levy can be best utilised to achieve organisational goals and targets through its greatest asset – your people

SML Commitment - Three Considerations for Levy Success

1. Fully Supported Set-Up - SML FastTrack Service

Our Project Director, Nick Horan, is our resident expert on all things ‘Levy’ and has dedicated a lot of time to understand each aspect of the levy so that you don’t have to!

Each member of our team specialises in different areas of the set-up process and are available to support you every step of the way. Whether you would like us to join you in presenting to the board, or you have no idea where to start with the Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS), we are here and happy to support you.

Through our transparent and consultative approach, we provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on the right apprenticeships for your people and your organisation. It just so happens that more and more organisations are realising the importance of leadership capability and are utilising the levy to combat this significant skills gap, with the full support of SML.

2. OneFile Eportfolio and the Ease of Learning with SML

On designing our apprenticeship delivery, we have ensured that each component is simplified for our learners to focus solely on their learning and application of new knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Uniquely, we have gone the extra mile to link each task to the relevant learning outcome, assessment criteria and depth, aligned to crucial behaviours, making it simple to navigate and to really embed new knowledge, skills and behaviours. As everyone learns at different rates, we include additional ‘1-1’ coaching support throughout the programme in addition to formal quarterly reviews from our fully-qualified and experienced SML Coaches.

Most importantly, OneFile Eportfolio allows the line manager and decision-maker access to multiple reports including learner progress, activity and visible ROI over the duration of each programme.

3. SML Professionals Network

Our London-focused Professionals Network creates the flexibility and support that modern working professionals seek in order to maintain motivation and stay on track to succeed.

Learners can choose when they attend workshops, giving them full control over their learning, blending in with any work commitments that take priority.

So, should learners miss a workshop due to a pressing deadline – no problem! They can simply book onto a later workshop.

Our Network also allows for learners to come together to share best practice in an ever-changing world, buddy with other learners on the programme, and attend celebration events, helping to keep learners engaged with the programme.

Our learners frequently tell us that they really value the opportunity to meet others from different departments and/or organisations and discuss their leadership approach without being job or industry specific.

After all, Leadership is about getting the best out of people, and, as Nick always says:

“We are all leaders, managers and coaches

– it’s about knowing how and when to lead, manage or coach.”

Choose Square Mile Leadership to develop your talent today.

Making the Levy Work For You™

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Compiled by Ione Asher 04/07/2018


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