SML FastTrack Levy Service

We offer our Apprenticeship Levy expertise to help organisations understand how they can maximise their investment and tangibly improve performance by developing their leaders at all levels.

Take advantage of the Apprenticeship Levy today

with our fully-managed and transparent set-up service. 

Making the Levy Work for You™

Ready Steady Levy in 3 - 4 Weeks

Step 1 - Free Consultation and Initial Scoping Session  (Week 1)

Contact Us to arrange a free consultation meeting with our Project Director and Levy Expert, Nick Horan 

Meet the SML Team to discuss your strategy for utilising the Apprenticeship Levy - "Start with the end in mind"

Optional SML Presentations to Board, Line Managers and Learners promoting the value and ROI

Professional Discussion includes potential learners to ensure programme is suitable for both the individual and the organisation

Step 2 - Legals, Contracts and Agreements  (Week 2-3)

Completion of SML Electronic Sign-Ups, Commitment Statements, Functional Skills Check, 20% OTJ Allowance and all matter of ESFA legal and compliance rules made clear, transparent and, most of all, straightforward

DAS account Set-Up Assistance followed by fully-managed data entry service

Agree and sign Framework Agreement including SML Terms and Conditions & Exclusive SML Incentives 

Learners Complete a Free DiSC® Personality Profile and SML Leadership Skills Scan to identify areas for development

Step 3 - SML Learner Induction & Coaching Session  (Week 3-4)

SML Learner Induction: Outline of programme commitments and expectations, development options and support in a handy SML Professionals Welcome Pack

OneFile Eportfolio Learning Management System Training (with optional remote refreshers via Zoom)

DiSC® Coaching Session with learners to understand their current qualities, behaviours and motivations

Step 4 - Supporting Each Learner Journey - "Developing the Habits for Success"

Learners are assigned an SML Coach and attend their first Facilitated Leadership Workshop

Regular Touch Points, Coaching Sessions, Reviews, Reports and Feedback to support learners and keep them on track

Exclusive Memebership to SML Professionals Network - Ask us for more details

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to arrange a free consultation meeting with our
Project Director and Levy Expert, Nick Horan.

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